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Our Core Values

  • We believe in alternatives to police. We recognize the U.S. system of policing as historically connected to slavery and as a demonstrated system of racial inequities and violence against BIPOC people. We advocate for more funding towards public health, housing, healthcare and other ways of building community safety.
  • We believe that racial wealth disparities are the result of historical labor theft, land theft, and other policies and practices that took from Black and Indigenous people, and systematically benefited white people. We support wealth redistribution, reparations, affirmative action, and other efforts that may counteract the racial wealth gap.
  • We believe that racism intersects with other systems of oppression such as homophobia and transphobia, anti-immigrant oppression, and language oppression, and we seek to recognize intersectionality and engage in related struggles.
  • In alignment with the Vision for Black Lives’s “invest-divest” platform, we advocate for significant investment in public education and for equitable access and education for all students. 
  • We believe that children need to learn about and be able to talk about structural racism, historical and contemporary. We support explicit discussion of racism in schools.
  • We believe in the right of people to choose when and how to become parents, including the right to end a pregnancy. We connect this issue to anti-racism as bodily autonomy has been more limited for marginalized people, including BIPOC communities.

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