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Support Governor Evers' "Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids" Proposal!

Thank you for your continued support for MMSD school nutrition workers and for your continued interest in working toward food justice in our schools! We have an exciting update and several invitations for strategic engagement regarding Governor Ever’s proposed Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids plan and opportunities to volunteer in MMSD schools.


Governor Evers included free school meals for all and strategic investments in school breakfast funding and local purchasing in his proposed biennial budget. More specifically, the governor’s Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids plan includes:

  • Creating the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids program, an initiative aimed at improving student health and reducing hunger by investing $120.2 million in FY 2024-25 to fully fund school breakfasts and lunches for all children;

  • Providing $4.3 million in FY 2023-24 and $4.7 million in FY 2024-25 to increase the school breakfast reimbursement rate to 15 cents per meal and extending eligibility for the reimbursement to independent charter schools and state residential schools operated by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI); and

  • Incentivizing schools to support Wisconsin farmers, food producers, and local economies by providing $2.75 million in FY 2024-25 for an enhanced 10 cents reimbursement per meal for those including locally sourced foods.

There will be opportunities for people to testify at public hearings (not yet scheduled) to encourage the Joint Finance Committee to keep these provisions in the final budget. In the meantime, here are several ways to take action.


  1. Submit a brief video in support of free school meals for all by Friday, March 31. Full instructions are provided here.

  2. Join the next Healthy School Meals for All Wisconsin coalition meeting on Thurs, March 9, from 1:30-2:30 pm.

    1. Meeting registration link:

    2. Add to your monthly calendar link:

  3. Take a look at who is on the Joint Committee on Finance and the Education Committees (Assembly and Senate). If you know anyone from these representatives’ home districts, encourage them to contact their legislators in support of the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids plan.

  4. Submit a letter to the editor expressing your viewpoint. There are many local newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets that accept brief letters to the editor. Here is the submission information for Cap Times, the Journal Sentinel, and the Wisconsin State Journal.

  5. Volunteer with MMSD in a cafeteria or school garden. Get approved to volunteer here if you haven't already, then talk to your principal or child's teacher about how to volunteer at your school.

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